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2019 TechAwards Winners (click here to read full article)

Start Date: Sat. 18 Jan, 2020 4:00 pm - Mon. 19 Oct, 2020 9:00 pm
Duration: 9 Months, 1 Day, 6 Hours

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FRONT ROW; David Lovell, Lovell Technologies; Leon Thomas, Bermuda Business Development Unit; Dr. Marisa Stones, Department of ICT Policy & Innovation; The Hon. David Burt, JP, MP, Premier of Bermuda; Aron Dutta and Eric Jeffries, Ambika; Colin Rego, Sargasso Sea

BACK ROW; Joe Mahoney, Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative; Carl Vincent, Dropit Delivery; Daryl Fubler and Marelize Le Roux, Emergence Corporation; Kairo Morton, Silent Savior; Julian Jacobson, Velocity Ledger Technology; Edward Mason, Core Live; Dmitry Mnushkin, Treefrog Consulting; Paul Spring, Bermuda e-Sports League; Michael Branco, Fireminds; Stan Stalnaker, Hub Culture; Dr. Samia Sarkis, Living Reefs Foundation; Wendy Tucker, Teddy Tucker Ocean Explorer; Kevin Da Costa and Diogo Mota, Bermuda College Tree Frog Project; Mrs. Lodge, Bermuda Island Games; and, Dion Burgess, Modern Gospel Beats.

On the14th of October, the Department of ICT Policy and Innovation held its 13th Annual Bermuda Technology Innovation Awards. The award ceremony was held at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club and was the lead-off event for Bermuda Tech Week.

The TechAwards was created to publicly recognize the outstanding achievements being made in information technology in Bermuda and to motivate and encourage more development of the sector through academic, industry and charitable pursuits.

Over 100 guests rose to their feet upon the announcement of 16-year-old Kairo Morton taking top honours for the creation of his wearable device Silent Savior which alerts those who are hard of hearing when a fire alarm goes off. Others capturing TechAwards in the Most Innovative Youth category were the Bermuda College/Department of Communication’s TreeFrog App Project and the Department of Energy’s Space Camp.

In a newly created category, Most Innovative Use of Technology, two new ocean centric websites, The Living Reefs Foundation and Teddy Tucker-Ocean Explorer were honoured for providing to the world with some of the most fascinating features of the waters around Bermuda. In the former, Dr. Samia Sarkis features her work in preservation and regrowth of coral reefs, and the later Wendy Tucker, in truly remarkable innovative use of technology has digitized and posted over 4,000 classic images of the decades of ocean exploration she experienced with her father. The third awardee Dion Burgess was recognized for his Modern Gospel Beats web-based music service.

The TechAwards judging panels were quite impressed with the young entrepreneurs who have brought innovative technology to the grocery and food delivery niche with DropIt Delivery’s Carl Vincent and Leann Evans capturing the top award in the Local Category and Colin Rego for his Sargasso Sea in the Mobile App Category. Glenn Smith accepted a TechAward for Auto Solutions Touch-4-Wash App, and Adrian Lodge winning his second TechAward for the George Sommers Educational Game app.

The other winners in the Local Category have also shown innovation by bringing technology to their clients with Emergence Corporation’s Bermuda Progressive Payroll Tax Solution, David Lovell’s cutting-edge mobile customer traffic sensor device, Marketplace’s innovative website and mobile app process for “click and collect” online grocery shopping and the Bermuda e-Sports League for fostering a healthy environment for young e-gamers to compete in tournaments, learn game development, and potentially take part in this ever-growing industry.

Local programmer Dmitry Mnushkin captured the International Category for Treefrog Consulting Limited’s Foundation Platform's latest software platform designed to dramatically speed up the pricing of risks for reinsurers and ILS’s. The other TechAwards in this category went to Velocity Ledger Technology Ltd blockchain network API for the issuance, trading, and settlement of digital assets in Bermuda, Ambika Inc. Bermuda IP-based business Obsidian Technologies launched to create a digital GDP and foundational tech platform, and Ed Mason, CEO of Core Live Ltd. For their ultra-power saving mobile microcomputer, introduced to provide a two-fold benefit to schools, lower cost of equipment, and considerable savings in power consumption.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation by the Premier, the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP and Kevin Richards, the Business Development Manager for the Bermuda Business Development Agency of the first-ever Bermuda Technology Innovation Trailblazer Award to Stan Stalnaker, Founding Director of Hub Culture.

After having looked throughout the world for the best location to structure a digital asset, Stan chose Bermuda as headquarters in 2006. The following year he launched VEN, the world’s first digital currency and the first to be traded on regulated foreign exchange markets.

Since that time Stan has been the leading “Digital Ambassador” for Bermuda raising the flag at Hub Culture’s 25 Pavilion Events held on 5 continents reaching over 65,000 guests. The Hub Culture Pavilion at the World Economic Forum in Davos has repeatedly featured the Bermuda delegation at its town hall meetings.

Key among all these events is Liquidity - the Summit on New Finance which happens for the fifth time this week in Bermuda with over 100 attendees from seven separate countries.

The evening ended with a reception for these international delegates and the Bermudians attending the TechAward ceremony.

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